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God Will Reveal Himself To You!

Everyone seeks God differently. You have your own questions and ways to seek the truth. is your pathway for connecting to God in ways you most trust and understand.  God will reveal himself to you (Jeremiah 29:13) when you seek Him with your whole heart. This site is packed with videos, articles, personal stories, books to read, and the scriptural truths that will lead you to God.

God is anxious to reveal Himself to you!

Most Asked Questions

Unless you read the Bible, most of your understanding about God may be incorrect.  He knew you before He placed you in your Mother’s womb, He knows you better than you know yourself and He loves you as much as He’s ever loved anyone . . . ever!  You will be inspired by God’s answers to your most heart-felt questions.

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Inspiring Audio & Video Messages

Amazing audio and video messages from personalities like Billy Graham, Phil Robertson, and Lee Strobel, will inspire you with their knowledge of God’s Word and their insight into God’s relevance to your life.

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Seeking God Videos

Personal stories from well-known and everyday people, whose lives were transformed by seeking and finding God, in all different walks of life.

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Additional Resources, Books, Videos and more

There are thousands of articles, books, sermons, videos, and Bible Studies on the subject of ‘Seeking God’ that can be overwhelming.  Click Here for some of the most simple, accurate, and easy-to-understand resources available.

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