What do you believe about God and eternity?

Seeking God provides practical resources to help you explore faith your way and answer the most important question in life.

Why We Created SeekingGod.org

The reality is that in today’s day and age when you ask people about God, faith, and eternity, you’ll get answers that include there is no God, there are many gods, all roads lead to the same God and Jesus is the only way to eternity with God.  Is one of these true?  Which is it?  The reality is they cannot all be true.

What if you believe with a deep conviction that there is no God and there is nothing after this life?  You’ll likely live your life in pursuit of every pleasure because this life is all there is. Your purpose in life is to enjoy it for the time on this earth that fate will give you. 

What if you believe that all roads lead to the same God and everyone goes to heaven?  What if you believe in reincarnation and you come back again?  What if you really don’t have any firm convictions? 

Of course, the truth about God, eternity, and heaven and hell exists.  There will come a day when you and every other human that has ever lived will discover that truth.   While we may have deep convictions about what we believe, our beliefs don’t define the truth any more than our beliefs about gravity affect its existence and impact on earth and the universe.

What if you’re wrong?

What if the truth is that the God of the Bible, eternal life, and heaven and hell are all real?  When you die, you will face the God you didn’t believe in.  Because you didn’t invest the time in this life to investigate and learn that God exists and that He loves you and provided a simple path for you to have eternal life with Him, you will come to the terrifying discovery that your unalterable eternal destiny is hell.

Pause and think about the consequences of your beliefs – whatever they are.

Our hope is simply this.  As you consider the importance related to the questions about God and eternity, it will move you to take the time to investigate your beliefs and come to a firm conviction about what you believe.

The purpose of SeekingGod.org is to provide you with access to resources to answer your questions, learn from other people’s faith stories, and to help you decide if Jesus is who He said He is and what it means to make a faith commitment.

Resources to Answer Your Questions

The Seeking God area provides a broad range of resources to help you explore faith your way to help you understand God, Jesus, and what it means to make a faith commitment:

  • Answers to Faith Questions provides answers to questions that many seekers are asking.
  • Inspiring Messages provides audio and video messages that provide practical, relevant, and compelling insight into Jesus’ teaching about faith.
  • Seeking God Videos provides stories of people whose personal journey led them to faith in Jesus and how it has impacted their lives.
  • Resources provide books, small groups, and websites that have proven valuable to other people on a faith journey.

If and when you reach a point that you are ready to make a faith commitment to follow Jesus, Scriptural Pathway to Eternity explains how to make a personal faith commitment.  Next Steps will help you take your first steps in growing in your faith.

Multiple Sources all in One Place

From the beginning, our goal was to research and identify trusted resources from a wide range of sources and make them available in one place.   

Our Inspiring Messages include messages from well-known, trusted authorities that bring different perspectives about Jesus, the Christian faith, and other worldviews.  We have video messages from Billy Graham, Lee Strobel, and Dr. Frank Turek.  We also have stories of transformed lives from Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, and Lt. Colonel Don Coble.

We have Seeking God Videos from well-known personalities including David Robinson of the Houston Rockets, Remi Adeleke Navy Seal turned actor who is now the face of Jockey, and award-winning author, Andrew Klavan.  You’ll also find compelling stories about the faith journeys of everyday people who come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances and found faith that transformed their lives.