How Do I Keep My Faith Alive?

You keep your faith by giving it away!

Share Your Faith to Grow Your Faith

The first thing every new Christian does is tell people they’ve become a Christian! For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved (Romans 10:10).

Don’t stop! Sharing your faith is your “First Work” (Revelation 3:5), that will keep the Holy Spirit actively working in your life for the rest of your life. Then, the joy you have at this moment will be yours every day. John 15:11 explains that, when you bear fruit (when you grow Christianity in others), God’s joy will remain with you and your joy will be full. 

God wired us and knows how fast excitement decreases with the passage of time. In fact, millions of nonfaith-sharing Christians are on their way to Heaven, without any excitement or joy in their lives. They’re literally missing out on the joy of being a Christian. Sharing your faith gives you joy every day, regardless of your circumstances.

God made the daily sharing of your faith His ‘Great Commission’ (Matthew 28:19), to build your faith and increase your joy. Isaiah 43:10 says it best: Thus saith the Lord, I appointed you as my witness so that you will believe. God knows nothing can steal your faith or rob your joy when you’re allowing Him to speak through you to move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus. Every time God uses you to give your faith away, your faith soars!

Woman reading a Bible in a wheat field
The Fields are White for Harvest (John 4:35)

Over 80% of the unchurched would like to believe there’s a God who can make sense out of the chaos . . . and they’re looking for someone to tell them.  With all of the chaos today, almost every person you meet is looking for someone to tell them about God.  How are they going to know unless someone tells them (Romans 10:14)?  The fun begins when you allow God to love everyone through you.  By this everyone will know that you’re my disciple, if you love one another (John 13:35).

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The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed. - J. Hudson Taylor quote
The Great Commission

God didn’t say go into the world, all of you who are extroverts or Bible scholars. Neither of those attributes are prerequisites for loving people.  All of us can love on people. No training required!

And God didn’t send you into the world to pray and read your Bible, because being a better person doesn’t get you or anyone else into Heaven. God commands us to share our faith (Matthew 12:31), because sharing our faith reaches the lost and automatically drives us to our knees and into His Word.  We don’t have to be pushed!

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Galatians quote
Everyone wants to be loved!

No one ever gets mad at you for loving on them or letting them know that God Loves them.  It’s easy to let people see God’s love through you and make them want what you have.  It works even when it looks like it didn’t work.  No matter what their reaction, the fact that a Christian just loved on them, moved them closer to Jesus.  And when it sparks a reaction, conversations and confirmations happen beyond anything you could have planned or orchestrated . . . and your faith soars!

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Hands of a group of people touching center
It’s a Team Sport!

When your focus is on loving people rather than forcing a commitment, you can relax and have fun.  It’s fun to love on people, even better on unlovable people . . . knowing God is at work in every conversation.  Only God knows whether your conversation will be the first one or the last one that leads them to Jesus.  Your only responsibility is to nudge them along to the next person God brings into their life.

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God’s Purpose

From this day forward, God wants you to live your life for His purpose, to seek and save the lost . . . that none should be lost.  From the moment you begin sharing your faith, you step into the promise of Romans 8:28: All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. After John 3:16, there is no greater promise in the Bible.


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